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Work With Me Pros On The Go.

Time to Burn Fat!

Because I really really want to help and am so passionate about helping Busy Professionals change shape and lose weight and improve their health, I am very selective who I work with, I truly want to leave no stone unturned to make sure you get results.

To get the most out of the programme, it would best suit someone who has an incredibly busy day, but who is ready to apply some simple time effective weight loss strategies to get results.

Maybe you have got results in the past, but for some reason, the results were not long term and this time you are ready to do your upmost to make this a long term change.

You have reached the point where you are ready to go and excited about the results you are going to get and ready to apply simple lifestyle changes or you have just reached a point where enough is enough, you are fed up with your current situation of not feeling yourself, feeling sluggish, worried how this will effect your health, not feeling in control of your weight loss and are ready to use a simple step by step system to completely turn things around.

Like I said before I have had the pleasure over the last twenty years of helping thousands of people and many of them busy professionals to get results.

Busy professionals who are on the go from wake up at dawn until dusk, with trying to fit in any sort of breakfast before the commute, avoiding all unhealthy foods at work; biscuits, cake for a colleague's birthday, sandwiches, going in a group out for lunch and ordering something healthy or trying to pick something healthy at the shop or the food cart when it comes round, then busy with work in the afternoon and not getting to eat until you finally make it home, when you do; you are really hungry and ready for the first thing in sight edible! If you are lucky you have been cooked for, if not it's time to raid the fridge and or cupboard for the fastest thing. Then at the end of a long time, there might finally be a bit of down time, do help you forget the stresses of the day it could be time to open a bottle or go out with friends for a few drinks, then the day is over and it's time to begin the lifestyle habit cycle again!

With this very busy lifestyle, there has to be sometime to unwind and have some time off and so holidays are booked or you are aware big social or festive occasions are coming up and you always tell yourself you will take action by then, but the cycle is hard to break and so you find yourself having to do something drastic a fortnight or so before and soon as the event comes and goes you are back to square one!

Well, do you agree, now is the time to break the cycle, before these habits become too ingrained?!

I know it's something you really want to achieve, you want to feel good in clothes, not feel self conscious on holiday somewhere warm, or pick something to wear for the social occasion that hides problem areas rather than flatters, you are worried about health issues, unhealthy food combined with a stressful lifestyle you know will be detrimental to good health in the long run.

I get, you don't have a lot of time to dedicate to this, it's a case of having a sure fire results getting system that fits in with someone who is incredibly busy all day.

You see, if you decide to follow one of my programmes or choose to have me as your Personal Trainer, if you are not ready to make a few lifestyle changes or are not ready to give it your best effort, or think if you exercise a few times a week you can eat what you want, or if really you are actually comfortable with your current weight and shape or already know how to be in the best shape you can be in and choose the clothes you want to wear, or have just become an expert on how to use clothes to hide bits of your body you don't like, or a constant yo- yoer, losing weight quickly and very quickly gaining weight back after you have lost it, or are someone that collects information on how to be in the best shape you can be but are still getting ready to get ready and do not apply any of the information, or are waiting for the exact right time (that never comes by the way) or you think your situation is not changeable or you are not so excited by changing shape and improving health, wellbeing and energy or not so unhappy with the shape you are in, that it would be unlikely you would do the necessary, then it would not be right for me to accept your investment, the best part of what I do is hearing about the amazing benefits, so only work with me if you are ready to follow the easy to implement steps and as soon as you can tell me about the amazing things that have happened for you!

The 12 week programme is specifically designed for busy people, even the exercise sessions are quick and convenient!

Achievable without doing anything drastic, merely by applying small lifestyle changes each week.

It is for people that just want a proven system to follow and don't necessarily just want "do this it works", but and without having to read novels, a short amount of information as to "why it works" if the reasoning is understandable and it's a simple case of "if I do this consistently, I will then have this" it will motivate you to keep going.

Talking of keeping going, it would also be good to know that someone was on your side willing to help you get results, but also would be there checking if you were doing what you said you were going to be doing to get results!
You are someone who is ready to make changes to feel better and ready to make it happen. Or you have just reached a point where you are so unhappy with your current situation that something has got to be done!

But you are not looking for a drastic quick fix, you are not entering a race! You know it's about implementing healthy habits, it's a lifestyle, you aren't doing this for the short term, you are looking to get the results you want, but you don't want the lose it, gain it scenario, you want this to be long term, you want being in the shape that you want to be in something that will always be in your control.

But ultimately a system that fits in and can be combined with all your duties and on the go days as a busy Professional.

The programme is designed to help people get specific results, to lose weight, to lose inches, to drop clothes sizes all of which make you feel better, happier, energised and healthier. Results you will start to notice, especially as quite soon you will notice your clothes start to fit you better in fact a lot of my clients all most moan to me saying "you didn't tell me about the expense of having to buy new clothes as the old ones are too big and baggy now"!
Also along the way there are numerous other positive benefits, feeling fitter, minimising the risk of contracting certain being over weight related illnesses and conditions, joints lasting longer as they have less body fat to carry, looking slimmer just by changing posture, through posture focused exercise standing taller and drawing in more through the mid section, having strong supporting muscles of the hips and lower back that may have been weakened over time with prolonged sitting such as driving or office work and many, many other positive benefits!

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