Why going on holiday and getting weight loss results are similar…

I don’t know about you, but I love going on holiday.
Seeing a different country or place.
Slowing down the pace of life for a bit.
Better climate (usually).
Food! (and drink if that’s your thing).
I even get a day of leave to do my camera hobby.
But notice in my list I didn’t include…
Getting up really early to get to the airport.
Getting to the airport.
Waitng around to depart.
The security que and check.
Being packed in to a plane like beaked beans in a tin.
When you think about weight loss and improving health though, do you think…
Having to eat less – hunger!
Missing your favourite foods (and drinks)…
Bland food.
No fun.
Sweaty exercise.
The chore of exercise.
The energy required.
Not to mention motivation each time.
The guilt and sense of failure if you go off track.
How annoying people who are in shape are.
Your friend or realative or spouse who keeps doing healthy things with a smile on their face.
That bloke who keeps writing preachy often too long blog posts – Any way!…
My point is you are focussed on all the not so good bits, that are necessary to get there.
When you think of your holiday, you focus on how it’s going to be when you get there.
The pictures you see on line.
You don’t make your screen saver that bloke at security who gives you the look like you have a devise installed in your flip flop.
So instead of focusing on all the lifestyle stuff…
How is going to be when you make progress and achieve your goal?
Dropping clothes sizes?
Feeling energized?
The feeling?
Having amazing health?
Being in great shape.
People not believing you when you tell them your age.
People noticing your change.
Maybe focus more on how you are going to feel when you get there.
Rather than what you are going to do?
Plus a holiday means you have to come back at some point.
Do the right things and the healthy end result you are thinking off becomes permanent.
For a free guide of steps you can use to make progress from now, especially for over 40 somethings go here: https://loseandshapeupexpert.com/optin/
Ed (Someone said “I need to take you on holiday to keep me on the straight and narrow” I’m thinking you don’t want that, you really don’t) Stride.


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