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To be healthier, lose weight, feel and look younger you could go on a low calorie diet for the rest of your life, or just do this…

I have a confession…
I should probably be a lot fatter than I am, to be honest.
That isn’t my confession, but it’s linked.
Here it goes…
I am a huge peanut butter addict.
There, it’s out.
There is a jar of it right now in my work bag ( and a fork, I’m not a total neaderthol).
As a snack and after lunch, I can’t help but have a bit of peanut butter.
And any time I feel hungry to be honest.
You may be thinking ‘there are worse things”…
But there are 188 calories in two teaspoons!
I’m scooping it out of the jar with a fork!
Having a healthy level of body fat is important, you know that.
To have a healthy level of body fat, you have to burn more calories than you put in.
To be honest, it’s far easier not to put them in!
And having a healthy lifestyle includes eating healthy and everything in moderation.
But eating healthy (most of the time) is just one part of a healthy lifestyle.
There are many others.
Of course another is exercise.
And I think that is what saves me.
I’m usually pretty on the go and lead an active lifestyle (another component of a healthy lifestyle).
But it’s the type of exercise I do.
When you know, you can’t just be an expert on something, you have to look the part.
And when you are above at least let’s say 35 years old or 40…
I’m sure you agree with this, life gets a bit busier!
There is less time for other stuff.
Like trying to be healthy.
And when you are on the go, when you get chance you want to be nice to yourself, which can involve, let’s say unhealthier food.
And you are the very person I am trying to help be as healthy as possible!
So yes, you could just eat healthy and rely on that.
But there would be no room for slip ups, you would tread a fine line.
That is why I always look for ways to have and keep a fast metabolism.
And that is specific exercise, infact my own system that works for me and by changing exercises around can suit an individual or a small group.
How does it work.
It has to work muscle, because that will increase metabolism.
By including certain exercises it can help you have better mobilty, because I also know if your joints start seizing, you can’t move very comfortably.
It’s more age appropriate.
Also who doesn’t want more energy, it makes it easier to get through a busy day and be more productive.
And of course, leaves you a little bit more room for a few favourite indulgences.
Ed ( An internet search reveals there are loads of peanut butter addicts and they exercise – runners, triathletes, gym warriors, I bet like me they don’t even like exercise that much, they just google ‘how many calories in a couple of innocent teaspoons of the stuff”) Stride.


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