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The best piece of Weight Loss information…

Look… Let me be honest. I am pretty sure you don’t need more weight loss information. Sometimes information is just an excuse to “get ready to get ready’. Collecting the next piece of valuable information so that you can get started or find the magic formula. Feeling anxious and not quite ready to start or […]

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How to get rid of your wobbly bits…

If there is an honest request I get very often… It’s the phrase “get rid of my wobbly bits”. I remember a light hearted article about losing body fat mentioned… You can use fancy machines (like I do) to measure body fat a good way of keeping track. A quicker way is to do naked […]

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Busy Mums, something more effective than willpower for Weight Loss results.

I don’t know about you, but must people decide someone must have achieved something through sheer willpower… That to achieve your lose and shape up objectives in 2018, its going to need willpower… To avoid temptations along the way will require willpower… To change any thing will require willpower… Skinny people or those in shape […]

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