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Why Exercise alone won’t help you tone your abs, sculpt your bum, make your legs lean or shape your arms- its called false advertising!!!

https://www.facebook.com/ed.stride/videos/2035668573150662/ I have been seeing exercise adverts for ages, gadgets on sales channels, programmes and in the studio I run my group out of, a misleading exercise class advert … I will be honest, it triggered me a little bit, it’s telling those that want to get results the wrong message, I want someone to […]

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Busy Mums; Learn how to do the right and most effective exercise for you.

Are you someone who knows the benefits of exercise? And how it can make you feel better? No not talking during, no one likes that bit! But do you sometimes feel like you are doing the right exercise for you? You are aware your body has been through a bit (it tells you sometimes 😉). Sometimes […]

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The Best Type of Weight Loss exercises for a Busy Mum.

One good thing about working in a gym is all the snazzy equipment I have access to… The list is endless, quite recently a big piece of equipment arrived that took up a third of the gym, with a multitude of different fittings and stations… I must admit, the first time it arrived I looked […]

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