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New Video! Upper Body Core Exercise. (Great for rounded shoulders).

  https://www.facebook.com/edstridept/videos/2040805319546680/ Rounded Shoulders are a modern day challenge. Everything we do tends to involve rounding the shoulders… Driving, Office work to name but many… Which in time can cause a few problems. So here is a little exercise that you can do any where that will help stengthen the muscles that pull your shoulder […]

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New Video! Do anywhere exercise for a really important and hard to work muscle.

https://www.facebook.com/edstridept/videos/223374578586317/   The Upper Back; There are not that many exercises for it in a gym, typically different types of Rows are the best. But there are hardly any do anywhere body weight upper back exercises. Yet we all drive, sit at computers, look at our phones… All things that round your shoulders over time […]

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