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How to enjoy your holiday and not put on weight.

(Image by adamkontor) It’s a popular time for it Good weather School holidays coming up looking forward to it relaxing for a bit change of scenary If those I help are taking a holiday Or at least a break I have them set a realistic post holiday goal Be in the same shape Or not to […]

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I’m only eating a 1,000 calories a day why aren’t I losing weight?

image by Steve Buissinne on Pixabay. This is a statement I hear loads! I mean it’s good in a way, that the person saying it is stating they know the process… Put in less calories than you burn to get results. And if you are only consuming 1,000 calories then it’s going to work, right? […]

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You don’t need exercise to lose weight and feel more youthful…

Firstly, it is true, if your single goal is weight loss then you can achieve that through watching what you eat. The title of the post was said to me by someone who was going to a weight loss group. Who also said… “I tried spinning before, it did not work!” Where weight loss is concerned […]

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