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Why any Exercise Class that claims it’s going to chisel the abs and sculpt the bum is false advertising!

In the studio I run my lose and shape up small group from… It is shared with people running other classes… And on the board are adverts and leaflets. I had set up my group and was early waiting for those to turn up. So, I started looking at these leaflets… One in particular triggered […]

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Do this to aviod the negative comparison mind set for Weight Loss results.

My vacuuming was interupted one Saturday afternoon a few weeks ago. (I know celebrities are jealous of my lifestyle). The two little uns (who are 10 and 11) wanted to know how they could do a home bleep test. Do you remember the bleep test from PE? A tape that bleeps and the bleeps get […]

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Holidays are good for Weight Loss.

I know what you are thinking… Holidays are good for losing weight and changing shape?? You are probably also thinking who goes on holiday and comes back in better shape than when they left? Actually holidays give us quite a good opportunity. Life can get a bit routine. The day takes on the same pattern […]

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