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Nothing makes you feel older and less unhealthy than your years than this… (Plus special offer at the Ferndown Studio).

One thing that will certainly make you feel older than your years… Is having joint discomfort and or a tight or stiff lower back… I knew how that felt from a young age… I was working in the family business from as early as I can remeber. Hauling around heavy boating equipment. No one knew […]

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Video! How to get started and losing your first Lbs…

https://www.facebook.com/edstridept/videos/311083116159631/ It’s not the right information you need, you can google that! I understand you know what to do, the problem is getting yourself to do the things you need to do! And regularly enough, so that it leads to progress. So in this video, here are some things that you can start doing now, […]

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Video. How do you feel more Youthful?

https://www.facebook.com/edstridept/videos/2240547056226987/ Lifestyle habits to feel more youthful.

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