Over 40's Low Impact, High Calorie Burn follow along do anywhere Exercise Video Routine.

Perfect for over 40's who want to Change shape, Improve Health, have more energy and stronger, supported backs and joints!

 Just for you, here is my follow along exercise video exercise routine based on my system, that I made and recorded, that you can use to get results at home or anywhere!

Fast and effective (you can choose to stop at 14 or 27 minutes depending how much time you have)!

No Equipment Needed

Minimal Space Needed

Quick and Easy to follow

Burn calories during the routine and after you have finished. Improve metabolism, strength and tone.

Low impact routine specially designed for over 40's who want to look good/feel good, reverse the years and improve health, who's day involves some sitting or travelling or those who have been through pregnancy, as this routine will help you have strong and supported spine and joints, whilst burning calories before and after!!

Low Impact, High Calorie Burn Routine. More results, less time!

Designed by a local platinum personal trainer and weight loss coach, with 21 years experience.

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