I’m only eating a 1,000 calories a day why aren’t I losing weight?

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This is a statement I hear loads!
I mean it’s good in a way, that the person saying it is stating they know the process…
Put in less calories than you burn to get results.
And if you are only consuming 1,000 calories then it’s going to work, right?
Especially being over 40, because let’s face it our metabolism’s are not what they used to be!
1,000 calories is enough for anyone to create a deficit and get results, surely?
I agree.
If someone burns more than this per day (and most people do) and add in exercise, with strength exercises thrown in, even better!
Then, job done, right?
If someone says to me “i have been eating 1,000 calories for quite a while now and it’s not working…
Then there is quite a simple answer.
You are not really consuming 1,000 calories.
It is so easy to miss stuff, are you accounting for liquid calories?
Every bite?
Every scrap?
Exact portion size?
Everything you add?
Did you know that people absorb calories differently, some better than others?
That tracking can be hit and miss?
A banana is stated as 90 calories, but could be anywhere from 80 – 115 calories.
If you take that into account it could be more than you think over a day.
By the way 1,000 calories is just a number, make sure you know how many calories you burn per day…
And then subtract 500 calories to make it sustainable.
But due to accuracy I would not worry if you can sustainably have more of a deficit than that!
For some easy to follow steps to start making progress for over 40 year old, go here: https://loseandshapeupexpert.com/optin/
Ed (The good news is I reckon daily I burn lots of calories per day, but before I get too smug the bad news is I think I must be consuming about the same number of calories per day too :)) Stride


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