How those in their 40's, 50's and beyond can lose weight and change shape with their exercise programme.

(What the gyms don't tell you)

Hello! My name is Ed Stride I am a fitness coach specialising in helping those in their 40's, 50's and beyond get in shape, improve mobility to ease discomfort, have more energy and feel younger than their years, for more than two decades I have been working in busy commercial gyms.

In that time I have seen so many people exercising regularly but frustrated that although they feel better through exercise, they don't lose weight or change shape. 

If this is you, then this is something I would really love to help you change!

Fitting in exercise at "our age" is tough with lots of other commitments and responsibilities. Of course you want to make sure you are getting a return on your valuable time and energy.
I made a video that will help you do just that!

The video explains all as simply as possible.


You can consume the info quickly and use the simple principles to start making progress and lose your first few lbs and improving your health and how you feel from today!

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