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Busy Mum, do this to get the same great losing and shaping results as all of those I have coached. (It’s not as hard as you think!).

As a coach, THE single most important thing I want for you is to get the result you want.
What ever those amazing benefits you want to get, I want to help you get them.
Wether you chose to work with me or not.  (If you just actioned any tips from my posts, you would get a result).
(In fact if you have done that please let me know and which tip and advice in particular!)
Now, when it comes to applying what works, there are those that get great results and those that remain stuck and frustrated.
What is the difference?
After working with so many people, I have noticed some common traits of those that get results.
They have a really defined reason as to why they are doing it, so that when the going get’s harder (it will)…
They have in their mind the vision of what is going to happen in the future so they know it’s worth it.
They know exactly WHY they are doing it, what future benefits they are going to get, how things are going to change for the better for them and how it will have an effect on those around them.
They know the specific result they want, they will have a way of knowing it’s working (could be an item of clothing, that gets tried on to see if it fits differently for example).
The result they aim for could be a lofty one, but it’s realistic with some determination and they know when they want to achieve it and it isn’t just left to as and when.
They tend to have a big need why they don’t want to stay the same, wether the main driver is a feeling of discomfort or even a physical discomfort, as I wrore before many come to me for help for both!
But they are very clear on what they don’t want to experience any more, it is no longer something they should do, it has become way more important than that.
It’s not time to just to think about what action needs to be taken, it’s actually taking the action!
(That last one is one of the biggest).
They know that if the action they took before did not work, then they need to do something different.
They know if they want to guarentee results and make it happen in the shortest time possible and they need help maybe just to get started then they seek it.
They know there won’t be a right time, that they shouldn’t wait until things slow down (could be a long wait :))
They know the just have to find a way to fit doing the right things in, despite being incredibly busy and that although other things must take priority, they have to allow some priority to this, even if it is just a bit of thinking ahead (which could make a big difference).
They know it’s just a case of doing their best with the time and resources they have right now.
They know the right way to get results, maybe it won’t happen as immediate and fast as they want, but they know if they do enough of the right things the will notice progress in a short time.
They know they don’t have to take perfect action, that they can correct along the way if they need to, but they will still be in a better place than if they took no action at all.
That sometimes there will be set backs and they will just have to go back to they things they did to make progress as soon as they can, without dwelling too much on what went wrong.
They find the right sustainable balance for them of being healthy and enjoying themselves, without feeling they missed out.
Of course they do the right exercises and often enough for it to count, even if sometimes they have to make it shorter sometimes, or just fit it in somewhere so that it is often enough to count!
That it is a lifestyle, healthy habits that can just be fit in to their busy lives (most of the time).
They acknowlege their achievements and enjoy the progress and the result, they can maintain their result without thinking about it too much, so they will never have to go back to how they were before!
Ed (Maybe there is a slight chance why that fitness guy is such a pain in the ass) Stride.


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