At the gym, go through the motions or go home?


Something keeping a lot of people stuck and frustrated is thinking you have to be perfect all the time… 

That for exercise to work you have to be able to give it your all energy wise, always be doing the right things, never any less… 
When it comes to your food choices, it has to be something prepared and healthy or you know exactly where you can get something healthy, if not you are going backwards and you may as well stop.
Unfortunately this mentality is stopping you from being in shape, wearing the clothes you want to wear, feeling how you want, not having to worry about your health.
Nobody I know (including me) has abundant energy every time they exercise or always makes the best food choice.
Sometimes you will just do a little bit of exercise and stop for the day or just go through the motions a bit…
Sometimes you may have to pick the best food choice available when nothing is as healthy as you wanted.
This is not going backwards in fact just the opposite, as when you allow yourself to skip exercise because you don’t feel like it and you talk yourself out of it, saying at least you went once that week…
Or when you realise there are no ideal food choices at that time, so you just go with a choice  with no nutrients anyway because you may as well.
That’s then the long term habit you make, you allow yourself to do that again in the future, keeping you stuck and unhappy with your current situation.
When you go for next best rather than nothing, that’s a different mindset, when you are exercising and going through the motions, you are still moving, still burning calories, still effecting metabolism, so in the future you will feel better exercising when you do have more energy, you will adopt the mindset that however you feel at the beginning and what ever you do, you will feel better after but more importantly you are being consistent.
Making a next best food choice involves being in the mind set that most of the time you are aware of the choices you are making good and OK in the moment.
Ask anyone in great shape with amazing health, they have been in those situations loads of times and done those same things, it was that, their mindset, their consistency that got them those results! 😉🙂
For those that need it and are ready thats all coaching is, providing you with a plan that fits in with you that you don’t have to think about, that’s designed for you and the results you want.
With someone there to support you and keep you in the mindset of doing the right things.
When that starts to happen a few times, well that’s when the magic happens.
Ed (Never been afraid to declare “this is not a pull up day” when walking in to the gym with low energy) Stride.


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