The 12 Week Fat Fighting Formula

Pro's on the go Edition

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    Are you a Busy Professional?
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    Do you really desire to lose weight and change shape? 
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    To both feel better and look better? 
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    To wear the clothes you want to wear and look good in them? 
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    Would life be better if you "lost and shaped up"? 
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    Would you like your energy levels to soar? 
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    To do more things with family and friends? 
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    To have amazing health and vitality? 
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    To for once feel totally in control of your weight and shape for good?
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    But are you currently feeling out of shape with weight to lose? 
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    Which is leaving you unhappy and frustrated? 
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    Wearing clothes chosen because they hide certain areas of your body, yet you have clothes you quite like to fit into again? 

At the moment I'm sure you are swamped with information every which way you look, the problem with all this information is knowing where to start.

If you are a member of a gym, then that's great, there are so many healthy benefits to regular exercise, but unfortunately losing and shaping is 70-80% reliant on following the correct eating plan and gyms don't tend to give much nutritional support.

The 12 week programme is especially set up to install easy to implement results orientated habits over the 12 weeks, each section has some concise back ground information about why it works, at the end of the section are easy to implement tasks.

You can start getting results as soon as you start implementing the easy to implement habits from week 1 and continue or commence exercising.

The system is perfect for a Professionals on the go, easy to follow for someone who is busy and on the go from dawn to dusk, plus it's realistic and fits into real life, nothing has to be given up, there is even an "eating out section".

With some plans as soon as you stop following and or attending the results cease, the idea of the programme is to give you simple actionable habits that fit into a Pro's on the go lifestyle until you reach your losing and shaping goals!

Within the programme there is an exercise video you can use right away, its specifically designed for a Professional on the go, it's designed for any fitness ability, it needs no equipment and is very low impact, it can even be done in a very modest sized hotel room! There is a slightly more progressed routine to use in the second half of the 12 week programme. If you have a personalised programme you use at your gym regularly then that's great, use my programme when you are short on time and can't get there or travelling.

Download today and start the path to losing, being in shape, looking and feeling how you want to, being the healthiest version of you, vitality, high energy, health, well being, wearing what you want to with pride. You work hard so you should feel good!

The Fat Fighting Formula

Pros on the go edition.

Because Busy Professionals are so on the go, with big work loads and long days...
Having helped so many busy Professionals the common theme is to be able to lose and change shape, to have more energy to increase productivity, be in great health and to generally make it a long term lifestyle.

So my twelve week Fat Fighting Formula Pros on the go Edition was born!

12 weeks, 12 key realistic lifestyle habits to implement
Fits in to lifestyle of the busiest of Professionals.

Developed for real life, with guidelines for eating out and still enjoying your favourite foods and drinks via easy to follow sensible guidelines.

The programme includes an exercise routine that is time efficient and can be done anywhere without the need for equipment and much space yet effective.
So Download today and start losing, getting into the shape you want, no more worrying about health, wearing the clothes you want to, increasing your energy, you work hard so you should feel good!