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Two things that make Weight loss possible…

When I was younger I may have got into talking about doing different exercises and exercising in general… Being a busy step dad and family man means these days I tend to see exercise as a means to an end… In a social setting, if they don’t know what I do for a living I […]

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Your Weight Loss Results: Read before its too late…

One thing I am not good at is mornings… Once I’m up and out, it can be quite nice, that feeling of productivity, that feeling of self righteousness that you’ve started your day, before the rest of the population has even had chance to rub its eyes and scratch its bottom… But most mornings although […]

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Have your favourite foods and still lose weight.

I know for some it is very hard to believe… Difficult to comprehend even… That I am not perfect, not just in real life… But lifestyle… I don’t get excited about lettuce… Or sprinting on Treadmills or doing push ups… It’s merely a means to an end… But I am rock solid with my lifestyle […]

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All you need to focus on to start losing weight…

In this day and age, we are lucky in that we are swamped in information… We can get the answer to any question with ease… Although whilst the information is out there, being able to piece it together into a system or programme is harder… So one tip that you can apply straight away to […]

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Are you an exercising Busy Mum who cant lose weight?

OK this might not be good as a Personal Trainer to reveal this information… But the idea is always to help you get results… I have stated this before many a time… In the states they did a study with groups of equal people… The first group were non exercisers who were told to maintain […]

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A prediction about your weight loss results…

In order for 2017 to be different in terms of your health and your results… In order to not be reading this message or a similar one in 2018 and being in exactly the same place… Is that you have to do something different… See I will readily admit, I have zero ability to predict […]

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Even better than more weight loss information for Mums…

I have helped lots of people in my time, something I’m very proud of… One of my favourite things, wether I am answering a random question or conducting a mini seminar or similar… Is when I can tell there is a fog, there is confusion and uncertainty and by me answering the question I can […]

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Get Weight Loss Results “Accidentally”…

When we are focused on achieving a result, there is a danger of over-focusing on the measuring process… Like weighing ourselves every day or for health measuring blood pressure every day… And when the numbers don’t change or seem to fluctuate in the wrong direction… It causes unnecessary demotivation… hydration is the biggest content on […]

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The one thing that links every thing together…

There is one thing that links everything together… The more I learn the more I’m finding out it governs a lot of other things in life too… Regarding my areas of knowledge -lifestyle and in particular helping busy mums and busy professionals lose weight and improve their health… There are a lot of diet and […]

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